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About me

My name is Mayumi. I am a native Japanese speaker and have been living in London since 2001. I work as a private tutor as well as an interpreter and a translator.


In 2002, I completed a course on TJFL (Teaching Japanese as a Foreign Language). This course involved many hours of actual teaching experience. Since then, I have been teaching Japanese on a private basis. In addition, I have an experience of teaching English as a foreign language to Japanese children. 


Studying Japanese is not too hard and can be a great fun. I provide private lessons online. The teaching is done through the English language, however, don't worry if you are not an English speaker and understand only a little English, I will help you to learn along the way. 

Japanese Teacher

Tutor Mayumi


"Mayumi sensei's lessons were fantastic! They were enjoyable and she made it easy and fun to learn. At first, I thought studying Japanese would be difficult however, she helped me to understand all the way through with patience. I would recommend her to everyone who would like to learn Japanese.”

Lucy (18, London)

"I had the opportunity of experiencing an interactive group lesson presented by Mayumi sensei, which I found exciting. I was not only excited to learn new words and phrases in Japanese, but to experience such an organised yet fun lesson. Mayumi sensei has a great way of getting her students to engage. I must say I thoroughly enjoyed her class.”

Paula (33, London)

"I am so glad that I signed up for your lessons. I have learnt so much and my pronunciation has improved a lot. My Japanese colleagues are incredibly impressed with my progression. Thank you so much, Mayumi sensei. Keep up the good work!”

 Han (41, London)

"I like to thank you for teaching me, it was an amazing experience also I just want to say how beautiful you are and your eyes are just so amazing.''

Mark (24, USA)




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